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for 2020
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Tomo Interchange offers integrated solutions for enterprises including the supply of advanced equipment, data plans, field services and management. 

Wireless Network Services for Business

Founded in July 2019, Tomo Interchange is an innovative network service provider for corporations. Throughout Japan, we enable flexible network access for branches, remote sites, as well pop-up stores during temporary events, using the latest 4G/LTE technology.  

On-Site Delivery

​Our equipment package of Cradlepoint routers, Poynting antennas, and Ubiquity WIFI access points will be staged and deployed by our technical team at the assigned site. We have experience installing across all 47 prefectures in Japan. 

Instant Wireless Access

Support & Management

We offer the cheapest local data SIM plans, already integrated into the routers we deliver. After deployment, customers will have immediate 4G access throughout Japan.  

To ensure visibility and control of the routers in the field, we provide access to Cradlepoint Netcloud, enabling self-management or fully managed service options. Netcloud enables a range of SD-WAN functions, and our team will monitor them if support is needed.  

Our Technology

Tomo Interchange is an authorized Cradlepoint partner and distributor of its routers since 2019. 

  • Global Leader in 4G/LTE Technology, Cloud-delivered and 5G-ready

  • Frontrunner of 4G LTE and cloud–based SD-WAN solutions


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